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Dubsado build out

crm/dubsado build

Join the Dubsado Club! Yes, it's amazing. Yes, it does nearly everything. Yes, it's user-friendly. And yes, it's intricate and time-consuming as hell to set up.


Service includes:

- Lead form, proposals, contracts, sub-contracts

- Workflows

- Your custom brand throughout the program

- Artwork (headers, footers, etc.) creation (note: not logo/brand creation)

- Custom automated emails

- Calendar, payment and website integration

- Team integration

- 1 month of Voxer support

- Loom video support


Dubsado buildouts in 2022 thru 2023 averaged a price of $1,250 including multiple workflows and 3+ revenue streams.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Fresh Life Marketing | @freshlifemarketing

Renee Dick

I had no idea how much time I was wasting not utilizing the workflow feature in Dubsado. Now I send proposals, invoices and contracts in one click!!

let's make it happen

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