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A San Diego Native, Katharine grew up loving her amazing city and wanting to immerse herself in all that it has to offer. Landing at the Holiday Bowl for nearly 13 years, she perfected her skillset as a project manager. Wearing all of the hats from event planning, marketing, PR, customer relations, board management, and finance while planning over 20 events each year, she excels at seeing the full picture while honing in on what is important to create a successful outcome (event, fundraiser, client experience, etc.).

Starting her own company in 2019, Katharine is passionate about helping entrepreneurs connect the loose ends in their businesses. Many times, those who are creative are not technical, while the technical experts are not creative ... that's where her expertise comes in and bridges the gap, helping entrepreneurs and implementing processes and systems that allow them to focus on their passion, while the difficult parts of their business are taken care of, automated and running smoothly.

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Just for fun!

favorite sports team

San Diego Padres

favorite movie

Top Gun

Guilty pleasure

Golf. Golf. More Golf.

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